NetJets is a U.S. company that sells part ownership or shares of private business jets. The company was founded in 1964 making it the first private business jet charter and aircraft management company in the world. Additionally, NetJets’ fleet is the largest private jet fleet in the world with nearly 700 aircraft across the world.

NetJets offers three programs in order to accommodate individual needs, lifestyle and budget.

NetJet Shares

Enjoy fractional jet ownership of the NetJets fleet. On-demand private jet service, ownership benefits, and customized plans and just some of the benefits this program includes. NetJets sells fractions of  a specific aircraft, chosen from several available types at the time of purchase. Owners then have guaranteed access to that aircraft with as little as four hours notice. If the owner’s aircraft is unavailable for some reason, another similar aircraft will be provided.

Netjet Lease

NetJets inside aircraft

inside NetJets aircraft

This program makes private jet leasing easy. Purchase time with the NetJets fleet and build customized flight plans for your convenience. Fractional owners pay a monthly maintenance fee and an “occupied” hourly operating fee. The latter is charged only when an owner or guest is on the plane, not when the it is flying to a pick up point, or flying to another location after completing a flight.

Marquis Jet Card

With the NetJets fleet available 25 hours at a time, members can enjoy private jet access and guaranteed availability without the long-term commitment. For companies or individuals that require less than the minimum 50 flight hours and the five-year commitment of fractional ownership, they can buy flight hours in 25-hour increments.

NetJets will work with you whatever your travel needs are. Their programs suit a range of private jet prices, travel habits and aircraft preferences, whether you own a NetJets Share, have a NetJets Lease, or buy a Marquis Jet Card. Every program offers a private jet cost much lower than actual aircraft ownership and gives you the added benefits of travel services and management.

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